Who knew your car tire could actually fall off...or almost.

My car has been making this thunking sound on the right front side. We were pretty sure it was the tire but didn't see any obvious signs of there being something wrong. It was getting worse so I knew I had to take it in today (it's been doing this for three days). I was afraid it was going to be something actually under the car and it would cost a billion dollars (one of the cheapest cars in the world is also the most expensive to take care of mostly just because things always go wrong with it!). Went to Discount with Jenny this morning and within two seconds of looking at it...the guy's like "uh oh" which is never a great phrase in dealing with cars. He told us I was missing two lug nuts and my tire was trying to fall off...the fact that it had been getting worse meant that it was going to...sweet! Well anyways 45 mins and an amazing turkey cranberry from Paradise later it was all fixed! Two good things...it was free and we didn't kill ourselves or anyone driving with us :-)!

Before the tire incident we went to Sports Authority...not too exciting but anyways. After about two handfuls of clothes and an hour later we now have some much better running attire. A few things we learned:

1. Good running clothes are EXPENSIVE

2. Good running clothes are not always cute running clothes

3. Sports Authority has no coupons or discount program...sucky

and the best of all...

4. We are almost 22 years old and just now know what a good sports bra is supposed to feel like...our apologies to the girls ;-)!


Megan and Mark said...

haha! I got a little chuckle out of your post!