Manual is a Beautiful Thing

Shortly after Meg and I had taken our photography workshop we decided to go to the country club and take some fun shots of each other!

Hailey's Momma...


Great Weekend!

We had such a wonderful weekend in Phoenix! Saturday morning Meg and I went to our first photography workshop hosted by Kimberly Jarman and Jennifer Bowen (two wonderful photographers!). They showed us all how to actually take our cameras off of auto and shoot in manual or where you pick the settings that work best for the conditions/picture you want. It was pretty amazing to see what our cameras can and should (for how much they cost, LOL!) do! We are still DEFINITELY in the learning/trial and error process but feel like we are actually going to be good at this...especially since we are shooting a wedding next May :-O!

The boys spent their morning SKYDIVING!!! for Jon's bachelor party! They said it was absolutely amazing and I am so happy they were able to do that for him. Phil (the boy's dad) paid for a video to be taken of Jon and pictures...it was SO cool to see what he experienced! Afterwards they had a BBQ at Meg and Mark's and got Jon a little too intoxicated, LOL! As for the girls...we kept to the ground and opted out of the alcohol fest :-). Meg, Theresa and I went to Chili's for dinner and talked baby stuff :-) for the whole evening. It was nice to get in some relaxing girl time.

Today Jessica was gracious and patient enough to let us take maternity photos of her and baby Hailey! Jessica is 36 weeks along and looks amazing! She has a pretty tiny belly still and in some shots we even had to have her move or push it out a little just to see it in the pictures...I'd be happy with that just one week before full term! We had a little trouble with our lighting (biggest part of a photo) but overall we are SO happy with how they turned out! There has been no editing done yet but I'll put a few on here for a sneak peek!

We are now back in Tucson until Thursday night when we will be driving home for Jon and Danielle's WEDDING!!! We are so excited for them and cannot believe it is already here! I gained a brother-in-law ,what seems like just yesterday, and now I am gaining a wonderful sister-in-law! We feel so blessed to have such an amazing family...and it just keeps growing!

Here are some pictures from the weekend: