We ran 6 miles tonight! Surprisingly I wasn't too far behind Jenny and finished in 1hr 6mins. I was able to run most of it but had to walk here and there. At least things are finally looking up with this running thing. I felt fine when I got home but then started to get really sick...I had to waste more than half of my Panda Express which is a shame. My knees and hips are refusing to speak with me at the moment and I don't think my calves are too happy either but they'll get over it. I have to write a quick care plan, ice my knees (I think they deserve it) and then I'm off to bed...clinicals at 0715!



So I went with the IV team today...not actually a team but one lady, LOL! She is a nurse but that is all she does all day is put IVs in for nurses who can't get them on their first couple of tries. She also does PICC and Midlines which are just deeper and more difficult IVs. They are also done with sterile technique which regular peripheral IVs are not. We only had five today but I got to do three of them!!! My first two I was right on the vein but she had to help me get in because I wasn't going deep enough and on the third one I got the back flash of blood that tells you you are in the vein! Although I didn't get all three I feel like I have the process down now...which is half the battle. Again you have to find your third hand and figure out how to connect and tape everything without losing the site. They were all "hard sticks" so I was excited just to have a shot at it and now feel like I could do them by my self on regular patients. WOW...it is so amazing to actually start feeling like a nurse:-)!



**No this pic isn't me but this is how cool I look HAHA! So today I finally got into see the Cardiologist. I felt a little out of place there considering I was the only one there under 50! I had another EKG, an ECHO (which actually hurt because I don't like things pushing down hard on my chest), and a treadmill test. I had to do the treadmill twice because the Dr. wanted to see what my heart was doing when my HR was at 190. Oh and I found out that 190 is actually fine...my max HR is 199. He said he is more concerned about how I am feeling when it is at 190 than the actual number. After about 20mins of looking through my results he of course said he doesn't really see anything wrong except for something possibly to do with my conduction/electrical system. When my heart is pumping normally the signal is coming from the top of the heart where it should be but when I get up to 190 it starts down from a lower point making the conduction loop shorter. He said this causes a quicker heartbeat and is most likely what is causing my palpitations and discomfort while running. They also have me wearing a Holter moniter for the next 24hrs. I have 7 electrodes hooked all to my chest and this big black box on my hip...I look like I'm wearing a big 80's cell phone, LOL! I don't really notice it except for trying to sleep...I have to sleep on my back which is uncomfortable:-(. I take the monitor back tomorrow and then go back in two weeks to go over everything. He is having a rythm specialist go over my treadmill results to see if the conduction thing is really a problem. So I guess the good news is nothing serious is wrong...bad news they don't know why I'm having problems, LOL!
Our first Med-Surg test was this morning. I was surprised to see what was on the study guide actually on the test, LOL! They love to give us study guides in nursing and then make the test totally diferent. I thought it was very fare which usually isn't the case! I know what to study a little better next time and hopefully we'll have our results on Friday. After the test Jason brought little Elliot in to be fed and I got to hold him for a little bit...until he threw up all over me HAHA! I knew he was going to and he did! Luckily it came out of my shorts and I had time to change before the doctor :-)!


Very sleepy...

We just finished with our first five mile run...needless to say I am a little tired. Oh and my hips, knees, shins, ankles, and toes hurt...oh well I guess that's my entire leg. There will be some definite icing going on tonight. It wasn't too bad. The whole water bottle holder butt thingy is not fun to run with, though. It is very heavy and bouncy the faster you run. Had to put it away after the first time around the park :-(. Kristin and I saw a coyote right before we turned the last corner and had to go all the way back around...not cool! My body actually felt pretty good for most of it except for this darn heart of mine. It was pounding so badly I would have to run one whole side the take a break for 30 sec to a min, run a another side and so on. It is quite annoying. The receptionist sent the cardiologist refferal to the house last week and I am now convinced it is lost. Which is crappy because I was hoping to go this week. Oh well.
Our first day of clinicals is tomorrow at 0645 and I have to do a clinical prep tonight for my first patient of the semester! Some how I got away with only three meds...something big will probably happen tomorrow though I am sure. Can't get away that easy! Hope all is well for everyone else:-)!


Running...Breathing...and my Heart...

So we are now in like week 100 of running...ok not really more like week 4 but it sure does feel like 100. I thought after two months with my trainer and a month of running that it would be getting easier but nope...it has only gotten harder. I mean I am just jogging here not sprinting or anything of that nature. My heart pounds and I can't do a thing to catch my breath. After a wonderful experience on the treadmill last week...my heart rate reached 190 which apparently isn't cool for someone my age/weight...and I decided it was time to go to the doctor. After getting an inhaler for what we think is Exercise Induced Asthma, I also "earned my self a trip to the Cardiologist" as my Nurse Practitioner said, LOL! So I will be going there next week for an Echo (ultra sound of my heart) and possibly a Holter moniter which you wear for 24-48 hours and then take back to see if there are any major issues. I am sure absolutely nothing is wrong...there never is...it will just be nice to have someone confirm it and me not pass out from a crazy bout of tachycardia while running...which by the way is now contagious according to Kevin HAHA! I am taking my running a little slower until I find out for sure what's going on. Anyways...the last couple of times we have ran Jenny has been so nice as to stay with me/near me while we're running! It has been really helpful. Also Kristin is finally better and able to run again. She runs at about my same pace ( I am slower of course!) so it was great to have someone to run with today.

Clinicals start next week and I am actually quite excited! Our clinical teacher...who is new and a guy because there is no one to teach us...is really great. He is actually the manager of the floor we are going to be working on at the VA. I wasn't excited about the VA at first but they are actually a state of the art facility with a lot of tools that will make our job easier. Northwest is living in the 1900s compared to the VA but they are also a goverment hospital with lots of money, LOL! I am excited to practice the skills we have already learned and maybe start a few IVs :-)!! A big group of nursing kids went bowling tonight...it was a ton of fun to get out of the house besides for school or working out. These people are definitely what make the five semesters worth it!

This weekend not too much is going on. I began babysitting for a family this week...they have 4 year old who is too cute! I will be watching her all Saturday morning and then hopefully we will be getting to spend some time with Jon and Danielle! Studying for the Med-Surge exam will also be a priority...maybe ;-)!


Creepy Baby thing...

So Meg and Mark did this creepy baby thing and I thought it'd be funny too, LOL!

They look pretty much the same except Breckyn's duck suit HAHA!