Very sleepy...

We just finished with our first five mile run...needless to say I am a little tired. Oh and my hips, knees, shins, ankles, and toes hurt...oh well I guess that's my entire leg. There will be some definite icing going on tonight. It wasn't too bad. The whole water bottle holder butt thingy is not fun to run with, though. It is very heavy and bouncy the faster you run. Had to put it away after the first time around the park :-(. Kristin and I saw a coyote right before we turned the last corner and had to go all the way back around...not cool! My body actually felt pretty good for most of it except for this darn heart of mine. It was pounding so badly I would have to run one whole side the take a break for 30 sec to a min, run a another side and so on. It is quite annoying. The receptionist sent the cardiologist refferal to the house last week and I am now convinced it is lost. Which is crappy because I was hoping to go this week. Oh well.
Our first day of clinicals is tomorrow at 0645 and I have to do a clinical prep tonight for my first patient of the semester! Some how I got away with only three meds...something big will probably happen tomorrow though I am sure. Can't get away that easy! Hope all is well for everyone else:-)!