This will be a short blog but I FINALLY got my Canon Digital Rebel Xsi!!! I have been looking/saving for too long now and I finally found a good deal! I decided to take advantage of Circuit City going out of business and see if they had anything worth looking at. I know it wouldn't usually be a good idea to go with a company who's going out of business but luckily their warranty company is still doing well and offering extended warranties...even if I drop it:-)! So anyways...that is the good news! I was able to get the camera and an accessory bag with an extra battery and UV filter for cheaper than any one else is even selling the camera for right now! I should also be able to get a lens that is a little more powerful within the next month! I am hoping this one will last me for a while:-)...one day we can upgrade to a more professional one once Meg and I get going with our business! I just need to learn how to use the darn thing and of course all the software that makes the pics look so wonderful, LOL!



Last night Brant and I were actually going to get to spend some time together...I am amazed at how much more free time he has this semester! We decided to get a movie and he was nice enough to let me choose:-). I have been really wanting to see Fireproof...it is a lower budget Christian film with Kirk Cameron. Let me just say that it was absolutely AMAZING! I was crying through a lot of it...happy and sad tears! There were some parts that were really cheesy but it had such a wonderful message...it is all about fireproofing your marriage and that the only way to do that is through Jesus and God. Brant even really enjoyed it! The movie is shaped around a book/journal called The Love Dare, where you spend 40 days doing things for your spouse to allow your marriage to grow and all the while strengthening your relationship with God. While I have always seemed to have my faith, Brant has been struggling...I think mostly because of what has gone on with his mom. I truly feel like the movie got Brant thinking and you can't say that about a lot of movies. I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone, especially if you are married or getting married!


SO much has happened since the last time I blogged!

The end of the semester went well for both of us...I made it to 4th semester! Sounds like a no brainer but thanks to one of our lovely teachers about 8 of our nursing friends were not so lucky :-(. They are keeping their spirits high, though, and doing what needs to be done to graduate! Brant finished with all A's and one B...I was SO proud of him, especially because it was his hardest semester.
We were able to enjoy almost three weeks of break in Phoenix this year. It was so nice to be able to catch up with friends and family! We were also able to see our Izzy:-)! Brant and I kept gifts simple this year with only getting each other stocking gifts. He got his gun earlier in the semester and I should be able to get my Canon xsi soon!
Right before break ended Jenny and I had Meg's bridal shower. It turned out just the way we wanted! Not too many people came but we were able to make it a fancy brunch that way with china plates and actual silverware. There was good food and of course mimosas:-)! My best friend is going to be a bride in less than 3 months and I CAN'T wait! I am so happy for her and Mark...they are entering into something so precious and wonderful. Being around them for 4 years of their almost SEVEN years has been truly amazing. There is no doubt that their love is true and that they will have a wonderful marriage!
Over break found out from Meg's photographer that she was doing another free session but this time it was for Trash the Dress!!! I emailed her right away and she offered a spot to me! I have been wanting to do one of these for a long time and I can't wait:-). Some of you are probably wondering what in the heck that is, LOL, but it is where you wear your wedding dress in an unusual location (like the desert or beach) and take some fun photos! It should be sometime in February but once she figures out the details I will know!
I know it has been almost TWO years since our wedding but all these neat things keep coming up having to do with it! Theresa showed me this thing that Nancy (Andrew's mom) had made for them right after they were married. This company either takes your actual bouquet or a recreation of it and puts it in a shadow box with anything that you want (invitation, veil, pictures...)! They dehydrate the flowers and then airbrush them back to their real color. It is pretty neat and they can make you pretty much anything you desire. If you are interested the website is.... www.floralkeepsakes.com . Depending on what you want it can get a little pricing but totally worth it for something you can never get back:-)!
This past weekend was our SECOND 1/2 marathon...we still can't believe we've even done one, LOL! It was the P.F. Chang's Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon on Sunday the 18th. It took me 24mins longer this time but I was just SO glad to finish! Considering I have only run twice....yup only TWO times since the last 1/2 I don't think I did half bad, LOL! I also walked three of the 13.1 miles...my goal was to finish not die so I felt it was necessary HAHA! I was not expecting the heat this time...I don't think others were either considering there were ridiculous lines at the water stations and a couple people were taken away in ambulances:-(. I felt much better after this one...no throwing up this time YAY! I also wasn't really sore this time either. I am assuming my body now understands what I will be doing to it about twice a year now! Jenny and I plan on always doing the P.F. Chang's and then picking one location out of state every year as well. Next year will possibly be the Disney Princess's 1/2 Marathon in Disney World...I hope it works out!
On the job front...well that has been a different story. Brant found out right after break that he no longer had a job:-(. His company laid off him as well as five architects. It was unfortunate but expected. There just wasn't enough work to go around. Luckily he is taking an internship class and in the process of looking for a new one! Times are tough right now so hopefully something will come his way. Thankfully he was not working much any way and we did not need his money for bills!
I knew I just wasn't going to be able to keep my position at the hospital my main job so luckily something much more exciting came along. I have been with care.com and babysitters4hire.com for a while and was just getting random babysitting jobs here and there. Right before break ended a mom with three little boys called to see if I could do an interview to be their nanny! A few days after my interview she called to let me know I got the job! I was so exciting to be doing this again. I was a nanny all of sophomore year and loved it. The dad is on Orthopedic surgeon and the mom is an ER nurse so it is absolutely perfect for me, LOL! They have three little boys who are 4, 2 1/2, and 5 months. They are so cute and actually very well behaved. Depending on what day it is and what is going on I do not have all of them. I feel so comfortable with their family and very thankful to have this opportunity. I still be working at the hospital once a month so that I can keep my position there. I will have been there for one year in April....that is quite a feat for me, LOL, since I haven't had a real job for longer than 3 months before due to only working in the summers!
4th semester has just started for us and I am so excited. Our Critical Care rotation will be busy but so worth it! I get four days in the ER and can't wait to see what happens. The responsibilities we will have this semester are actually making us feel like real nurses:-). I will definitely keep you updated on anything exciting we get to do!

Well I think that is it! Have a great night and I am sorry for the spelling mistakes/things that don't make sense, LOL, it was a long post:-)!

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Ok so I don't have time right now but I promise a new post will be coming;-)!
Until then here's a new pic from my BESTfriend's bridal shower!!!