Last night Brant and I were actually going to get to spend some time together...I am amazed at how much more free time he has this semester! We decided to get a movie and he was nice enough to let me choose:-). I have been really wanting to see Fireproof...it is a lower budget Christian film with Kirk Cameron. Let me just say that it was absolutely AMAZING! I was crying through a lot of it...happy and sad tears! There were some parts that were really cheesy but it had such a wonderful message...it is all about fireproofing your marriage and that the only way to do that is through Jesus and God. Brant even really enjoyed it! The movie is shaped around a book/journal called The Love Dare, where you spend 40 days doing things for your spouse to allow your marriage to grow and all the while strengthening your relationship with God. While I have always seemed to have my faith, Brant has been struggling...I think mostly because of what has gone on with his mom. I truly feel like the movie got Brant thinking and you can't say that about a lot of movies. I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone, especially if you are married or getting married!