~Dave & Beth's Wedding~

So their wedding was absolutely AMAZING!!! Small and intimate is definitely the way to do it...especially if you want to talk to everyone at your wedding and remember who in the world was there, LOL! Since we were able to meet their family the day before at the rehearsal we felt so comfortable around everyone at the wedding. They were all so wonderful to us! I, of course, couldn't wait to get a hold of Alyssa again, LOL! Beth looked absolutely gorgeous and Dave...well we for sure thought he was going to cry, but he held back:-)! Here are some pics from the night!


And Summer Continues...

Since we got back from Colorado, Brant and I have been going back and forth from Tucson to Phoenix. Last weekend we were able to spend a ton of time with Meg and Mark...and Jenny! It was so wonderful to see them considering they abandoned us in Tucson :-(...J/K! We finalized the bridesmaid dresses for their wedding and they are beautiful! I cannot wait to wear it for their special day, which if you ask me is still too darn far away, LOL! We were also able to check out where their new house is going to be!!! Brant and I had wanted to live in the Desert Ridge area to be closer to Phoenix Children's, but I realized that I just can't live that far away from my best friend! We decided that if there are still houses left **cross our fingers** we want to live in their same neighborhood! If not we want to live as close as possible!
Brant went right back to work right after vacation...such a wonderful husband...but my lazy butt stayed home for a two weeks and I am back to work now. I was dreading it, but I got new shoes and a better attitude and it is slowly getting better!
We are so excited for Dave and Beth (Dave is in architecture with Brant and they also work together) to get married this weekend. They are having a very small intimate wedding on 6/28/08 at the Starr Pass Resort in Tucson. It was so wonderful of them to let us share in this day with them considering everyone else there is immediate family! We were also able to go to their rehearsal lunch today. It was so great to meet their family...they were all so friendly and welcoming. His brother and sister in law just had a baby girl 6 six weeks ago and you know me...I just couldn't wait to get my hands on her! She was absolutely adorable even after the three times she spit up on me, LOL! Brant even helped me change her clothes...big step for him, LOL! It was so cute to see him attempting it and asking me how in the world he was supposed to take off the little bloomers and put on the pants HEHE! Dave's parents had t-shirts made with "Meet the Adriaanses" across the front and the whole family had to change into them for pictures, LOL! His family is Dutch so the shirts were orange (apparently the national color) and they even had wooden shoe slippers...even the baby, LOL! It was a wonderful day and we are even more excited for the wedding tomorrow...more pictures to come!

The Girls!
Right as Mitzy tried to take off Jenny's lip!!!

Meg and Marks lot...
Where their house is going to be :-)
Dave and Beth in their adorable shirts, LOL!
Being silly!
Dave's Family
The infamous shoes!
Beautiful baby Alyssa
HAHA this one is great! (For some reason Dave's mom put
a pg test in a gift for them...possibly to tell them something?!)
We thought it would then be funny to give them the baby:-)



We had so much fun in Colorado. The weather was amazing and the wedding was beautiful! It was so nice to get away from the apartment for a while. As always, it was great to be around Brant's family...they are a crazy bunch and so much fun! Besides vacation, my sister also turned 13 this Sunday...I just can't believe how big she is getting. I still remember the day she was born! Well here some pics from the trip and Hailey's birthday...


Miss them so much...

I posted pictures of everyone we are missing so much this summer. All the girls from nursing, my bests Meg and Jenny, and our Izzy-wizzy :-)!
Sex and the City was awesome last night! It was quite long, but well worth it :-). Brant actually went with me and enjoyed it too. Boys always complain about seeing chick flicks, but usually end up liking them.

Brant is in a volleyball tournament tomorrow with the architecture firm. He is pretty excited and it nice that I will be able to watch him do something. He always complains that I was never able to come to his soccer/volleyball games in high school so I am trying to make up for it, LOL! We leave after the game to go back to Phoenix. Brant and the rest of his family will be leaving for Colorado on Sunday to make it there by Monday night...my flight leaves Tuesday morning. I should be flying with Grandma Ruth, but she is stand by so we will see.



So this is my first time having a blog in many years! Now that we are on summer break from school and there is no one to talk to, LOL, it will be fun to have somewhere to share my thoughts and what has been going on with Brant and I. The pic to the right is from Theresa's bridal shower.

I just started as a Nurse Tech at Northwest Medical Center. It is definitely a lot harder than I thought it would be and I cannot wait to be a nurse!! I literally do not sit down for 12 1/2 hours except for my lunch...which I never know when I will be able to take. They most definitely make me work for my 12.50 an hour :-)! The older population is still not my idea of fun to work with, but they are growing on me...sad I know, but everyone has their niche and unfortunately geriatrics is not mine. No one will let you work with pediatrics and younger, though, while you're a student. Oh well...it will just make clinicals that much easier next semester and I will be a better nurse for it.

Brant is working 40 hours a week at an architecture firm, where he started over Christmas break. He really loves it and is beginning to feel like a real architect! He has two years of school left and would give anything to be done, but enjoys using his artistic talents on every project. The friends he has made also makes school easier.

Speaking of friends...I cannot wait for everyone to get married in this next year! We are heading to Colorado next week to see his cousin Jake and Sarah get married. I will be flying and he will be driving with his parents and Jon. I have never been to Colorado so it should be fun. Dave and Beth (Dave is in arch with Brant and they also work together) are getting married in just a few weeks at the JW Marriot. It will be a small and intimate ceremony/reception and I know it is going to be beautiful. We then have Andrew and Theresa's wedding in Phoenix, which we are both in. We have been waiting for their wedding for a few years now so we are super excited to be able to share in such a special day with them! Later in the year we have Meg and Mark's, Jon and Danielle's, and then Merv and Jessica's wedding! It will be a wedding packed year, but I am so excited to see our close friends enter into the wonderful world of marriage as well:-)!

Well I guess I have rambled enough for now...maybe I can get Brant to get on here as well! I must go finish cleaning the house before he gets home. We are making dinner and then going to see Sex and the City...I am very excited!