So this is my first time having a blog in many years! Now that we are on summer break from school and there is no one to talk to, LOL, it will be fun to have somewhere to share my thoughts and what has been going on with Brant and I. The pic to the right is from Theresa's bridal shower.

I just started as a Nurse Tech at Northwest Medical Center. It is definitely a lot harder than I thought it would be and I cannot wait to be a nurse!! I literally do not sit down for 12 1/2 hours except for my lunch...which I never know when I will be able to take. They most definitely make me work for my 12.50 an hour :-)! The older population is still not my idea of fun to work with, but they are growing on me...sad I know, but everyone has their niche and unfortunately geriatrics is not mine. No one will let you work with pediatrics and younger, though, while you're a student. Oh well...it will just make clinicals that much easier next semester and I will be a better nurse for it.

Brant is working 40 hours a week at an architecture firm, where he started over Christmas break. He really loves it and is beginning to feel like a real architect! He has two years of school left and would give anything to be done, but enjoys using his artistic talents on every project. The friends he has made also makes school easier.

Speaking of friends...I cannot wait for everyone to get married in this next year! We are heading to Colorado next week to see his cousin Jake and Sarah get married. I will be flying and he will be driving with his parents and Jon. I have never been to Colorado so it should be fun. Dave and Beth (Dave is in arch with Brant and they also work together) are getting married in just a few weeks at the JW Marriot. It will be a small and intimate ceremony/reception and I know it is going to be beautiful. We then have Andrew and Theresa's wedding in Phoenix, which we are both in. We have been waiting for their wedding for a few years now so we are super excited to be able to share in such a special day with them! Later in the year we have Meg and Mark's, Jon and Danielle's, and then Merv and Jessica's wedding! It will be a wedding packed year, but I am so excited to see our close friends enter into the wonderful world of marriage as well:-)!

Well I guess I have rambled enough for now...maybe I can get Brant to get on here as well! I must go finish cleaning the house before he gets home. We are making dinner and then going to see Sex and the City...I am very excited!