Miss them so much...

I posted pictures of everyone we are missing so much this summer. All the girls from nursing, my bests Meg and Jenny, and our Izzy-wizzy :-)!
Sex and the City was awesome last night! It was quite long, but well worth it :-). Brant actually went with me and enjoyed it too. Boys always complain about seeing chick flicks, but usually end up liking them.

Brant is in a volleyball tournament tomorrow with the architecture firm. He is pretty excited and it nice that I will be able to watch him do something. He always complains that I was never able to come to his soccer/volleyball games in high school so I am trying to make up for it, LOL! We leave after the game to go back to Phoenix. Brant and the rest of his family will be leaving for Colorado on Sunday to make it there by Monday night...my flight leaves Tuesday morning. I should be flying with Grandma Ruth, but she is stand by so we will see.