Cutest face EVER!

OK so I read this blog called Maybe Baby where the dad writes a blog about all he and his wife went through to have their little girl Nola and now what life with Nola is like. He is a really funny writer and even wrote a book about it! Well they had to take sweet little Nola to the ER due to excessive vomiting and I just had to show you the most ADORABLE picture they got of her. Apparently she was very upset that she had to drink Pedialyte instead of her mommy's milk!
*I hope it's OK that I am showing this picture of her, LOL!


We Moved!

A few weeks ago Brant and I moved into our new apartment! We went from a two bedroom to a one bedroom to save money...about $300 a month! In square footage it is smaller but all the rooms are bigger. I can actually cook in the kitchen and move around, LOL! The bathroom is strangely big but I'm not complaining :-)! We are pretty sure it is actually an ADA compliant apartment due to wide hallways and cut-outs in the bathroom but it's like they didn't quite finish it because some things wouldn't work at all. Best of all though about being in a smaller place is that I can finally keep it clean all the time and be a good house wife ;-)...it only took me two years! Now that we are all settled in it is time to start my last semester and Brant's final year of school!!! After all this time we can't believe everything is finally coming to an end! I feel like we can really start our lives after this year. I am actually very excited to complete my five week preceptorship (internship where you don't get paid, LOL)! I will be working at TMC on the women's surgical floor. It's not at all what I wanted but I thought if I was positive everything would work out. I will be working side by side with an RN who works with post-op patients and some high risk pregnancies who need to be on hospital bed rest. The RN I am working with sounds very nice and like she actually loves working with students. I start Wednesday so I'll probably have some stories after that!

Sedona Getaway

A few weekends ago Brant and I took off to Sedona for a night to get out of the heat!
It was a short trip but just what we needed before school started. We went out to dinner and then hung out in our hotel room. Sunday morning we went out to breakfast then did a little shopping at the Gap Outlet. Can't wait till our next vacation!


New Book...

So I finished The Time Traveler's Wife and I absolutely loved it! It was kind of a hard read because the date kept changing and I had to keep flipping the pages to remember where he was in time, LOL! But it was a really great love story. Many of us think our relationships are hard at times but what this couple went through to be together and make a family shows what love is truly about. I would give it TWO thumbs up and recommend it to others :-).

Now I am on to...
I am VERY excited! I love her and her show! Her family is absolutely adorable (probably why Brant and I really like the name Liam ;-) ). I have heard it's good and pretty funny so I'm looking forward to my next great read of the summer!