Cutest face EVER!

OK so I read this blog called Maybe Baby where the dad writes a blog about all he and his wife went through to have their little girl Nola and now what life with Nola is like. He is a really funny writer and even wrote a book about it! Well they had to take sweet little Nola to the ER due to excessive vomiting and I just had to show you the most ADORABLE picture they got of her. Apparently she was very upset that she had to drink Pedialyte instead of her mommy's milk!
*I hope it's OK that I am showing this picture of her, LOL!


The Pritchard Party said...

Um... you should see the face when I did the same thing to Hannah. She gets this face like "what in the heck are you trying to feed me?" and will even get mad if I try to force it down her enough. :) Babies are so cute.

Theler said...

What a cute baby! It was so good to hear from you! I was so excited to get your comment. How have you been? You and Brant are such a cute couple!