Annual Christmas Picture...

~ Merry Christmas From The Arnold Family~


Tucson Half Marathon

I did it! I ran the entire 13.1 without stopping, walking, or dying!!! There were times when it was exciting, not fun at all, and other times where I wanted to hitch a ride with the passing cars. I thought I would do a recap of each mile...

Mile 1: Ok so it's frikin freezing and I just had to pee in a bush but I am doin good!

Mile 2: Still very very cold...so thankful I wore a long sleeve shirt under my Nike dri fit. At least my knees are numb, though, so I can't feel when they start to hurt.

Mile 3: Ok so I lost Jenny and Kristin...must catch up to them. I spent the rest of this mile doing so.

Mile 4: I am back with Jenny and Kristin...but of course they are running too fast for me!

Mile 5: Found my pace and also that I may have a blister brewing on the ball of my left foot:-(

Mile 6: Yup that's definitely a blister...thankfully there was some Xood(Gatorade type stuff) to make me feel better. I will end up running the rest of the race with my left toes slightly curled under so that I don't put as much pressure on that damn blister.

Mile 7: I can't believe I am at mile 7...it's not that bad!

Mile 8: Getting sleepy...

Mile 9: Yay they have GU (equivalent to very thick Gatorade) to wake me up and keep me going!

Mile 10: My knees are now numb due to the running not just the cold!

Mile 11: Who in the world thought it would be funny to put a very steep hill at mile 11? HUH?! Oh but I see that the people playing the drums are supposed to make us feel better.

Mile 12: Holy crap I'm almost there! This is where I was listening to a song from Aladdin (don't ask) and telling my self Ms. Jones is behind me not letting me stop HAHA!

Mile 13: I see the Mustang and know Brant is waiting for me at the end...I am way too excited and think I may cry! Linkin Park and Jay-z's Encore is blasting quite loudly by this point.

The last .1: Umm so it's really not cool when you cross mile 13 and realized you still have .1 to go...it's further than you may think.

Finish line: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I made it in 2hrs 21 mins (that's only 5 mins over what I wanted to run it in)...but I now feel like jello. I see a big tub full of ice and water bottles. I desperately want to jump in but figure that wouldn't be very sanitary so just take a water instead. Brant informs me that my knees are about twice their normal size...SWEET!

The next 20 mins: I spent these trying to find a trash can to puke in, eating a banana, and taking pictures with all the other crazy nursing people who ran with me!

The drive home: I was trying not to puke and keep my foot on the gas.

Home: Oh hey the blister isn't as bad as it feels, take a HOT shower, throw up twice, sleep for the next six hours!

All in all I would say it was a success! I can't believe I didn't walk once...the Lord knows I wanted to but I figured once I stopped I wouldn't be able to get going again. This is a good thing it turned out so well because Jenny, Kristin, and I have to do it all over again on Jan 18th...YAY!


~Little Elliot~

So I once again forced Jason and Crissi to go out so I could get my hands on little Elliot! He is such a wonderful baby! Here's a few pics from the night...


It's been a while...

Well I can't even remember the last blog I did...without looking that is. So much has been going on! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Brant's family and I even made my first apple and pumpkin pies...they were mostly homemade, LOL! I was able to finally pick up my bridesmaid dress for Meg's wedding...they are absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to wear them on the big day.
Shelly Ivy, Meg's photographer, had a free photo day on Saturday and we thought it would be so nice to have Christmas pictures taken with Izzy! The shoot was so much fun and we got the perfect shot for our first Christmas card plus some other amazing ones...I will post some when we get them!
After the holiday weekend it was back to Tucson. We saw Cirque du Soleil (Saltimbanco) on Sunday night for our 5 year anniversary which isn't until this Sunday but Brant will be busy and I will have just finished my first 1/2 marathon...most likely I will not want to get off the couch after that, LOL! We have never seen one of their shows before and it was pretty AWESOME! I would love to go to another in Vegas.
Brant has since been working his little butt off to finish all his projects due this week and next. I haven't seen him much the last few weeks but it will be worth it in the end:-). I had my Med-Surg clinical final today and it actually went very well. It was a little nerve racking having a fake patient, in a fake room, trying to be a REAL nurse, and your clinical instructing pretending to be the patient (their voice anyway) and grading you at the same time, LOL! Sounds worse than it actually was but just glad to be done. I have my Peds clinical final tomorrow which Jenny and I prepared for today. I just have to keep my positive attitude and I know I will be fine:-). I then have my 1/2 marathon Sunday...this I don't feel as prepared for but how can you really be?! I am doing it with some wonderful friends, though, and we're gonna get through it together...I can't promise we won't be dragging each other or offering to pay the boys for piggyback rides, HAHA, but we are GOING TO FINISH!
Next week we are pretty much free from anything nursing...giving us plenty of time to study for finals! I have a final Monday and Wednesday of finals week and then I am DONE with 3rd semester! I am finally on the down hill of nursing school...only one more semester of clinicals and then we will be acting as the nurse...CRAZY!
Meg and Jon are both graduating at the end of finals week. I just can't believe it...we are all becoming grown ups, LOL! We plan to go home once their graduations are over and spend a good amount of time in Phoenix this year for Christmas. Brant's firm has slowed with the number of projects they are doing so he will be able to take off much easier. I won't be working while I try to transfer to a different area in the hospital (either ER or the Women's center). I am also looking into the VALOR program at the VA which allows you to work almost like a nurse and pays $19/hr. I most likely would not be able to start that until the summmer, though.
Well that's my novel! Hope you enjoyed it!
P.S. Here are some pics from the last few weeks:


Just Keep Running...Running...Running

We ran 9 miles tonight!!! I knew we could do it but just wasn't sure if we actually would, LOL! It was hard and after 1 and 1/2 hours I was getting hungry. I wouldn't say it was fun...but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Only 4.1 miles and we'll be at our goal....13.1 here we come:-)! December 7th will be here before we know it! Every part of my body is angry with me at the moment...especially my knees and hips but it's not any injury so they'll be fine. I came home and just laid on the floor for a few minutes before sitting on the shower floor for a few more...Brant thought it was funny! Maybe my joints would be a little happier if I hadn't run just once last week but whatever. Only two weeks left of clinical or three actual days at the hospital! I am in the NICU tomorrow and quite excited:-)! Hope everyone has a great night...I am going to bed early!!!



I don't usually put my opinion out there...as I was not raised that way and have just never been that kind of person...but I think it is pretty sad that people want to leave this country now that the president they wanted was not voted into office. I do not think our ancestors, THE ONES WHO RISKED THEIR LIVES TO COME TO AMERICA, would appreciate this. Many people wanting to go to countries who...may I remind you...practice some of the very things Obama would like to put into place. When you want to run because of who was elected you are not just bailing on the president but on the USA and everything it stands for. So it's time to put on your big kid pants and act like adults...no matter who you voted for! Some may have been joking but joking or not...is that really the message you want to send to others?


Andrew & Theresa's AMAZING wedding pictures:-)

Hope she doesn't mind that I stole them...



I finally finished my Clinical Integration paper! For some reason it took me forever (even though I started it two weeks ago!). But it's done now and that's all that matters. Now that med-surg clinical is over and that paper is over we pretty much decided third semester is over, LOL! No we actually still have Peds but that rotation is much easier and does not have a 20 page paper to go along with it. There is a med-surg test Monday and sadly I am looking forward to studying for it because that is much simpler than writing a paper.

This is random but I saw the strangest thing driving home from the VA the other day. There was this lady driving in front of me and all within a matter of seconds her small dog jumped out of the window of the car...while it was moving...and she reached out just be for it fell and pulled it back in! Never thought I'd ever see that, LOL! We will no longer drive with the windows all the way down when we have Izzy!

Oh and I will be 22 on Sunday! Not too exciting of a birthday but I am just one year older!


So Tiny!

Go to this website (http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/sweetadeline) and look at the pictures of this preemie! They have some neat pictures of her and she is too cute!


Found some time to blog :-)

Of course I found some time to stop writing my paper and blog! I have been finding time all day to not type but luckily I have actually gotten a big chunk of it done with only a few big chunks left, LOL! While all of this school stuff is going on I still find my self thinking about Peyton and her family. Her father was able to write tonight and I again cried and cried. Her parents are dealing with it in the best way they know how, but her little brother doesn't quite understand. I pray that his parents are able to help him through it and that God will always allow him to remember his big sister...

I don't wanna...

So everything...especially blogging and running will be slacking this week. Nursing isn't hard but they just love to make all our projects due the same week. Right now I am attempting to work on/finish my Clinical Integration paper (big words meaning ridiculously long care plan) and then sometime start/finish an Evidence-Based Practice presentation (again big words meaning summary of journal article and powerpoint presentation). Neither are hard but most of all I just don't wanna do them :-), LOL! Well I guess I should stop whining (cause I hate when everyone else does it) and just get it over with! Cause once it's over that means NO MORE MED-SURG for the rest of nursing school! We are on to Peds starting next week and that makes me a very happy camper:-)!


Thought this was funny

I was looking on a nursing website and came across some blogs of other nursing students/nurses. One was from a male nursing student or Murse as we love to call them :-) and he had some things on his that I thought were funny!

This is SO true!

Also on one of his posts he was refering to an article posted by a Doctor who didn't seem to think nurses were all that wonderful and didn't have enough education...this was the student's response:

"Do you think this is an ego trip? I think so. Honestly, I know a few RNs I'd let do surgery on me and I know physicians I wouldn't want taking my temperature."

HA that's great! It makes me think of the time I was doing an observation day at the UMC high risk pregnancy clinic. They had me working with a Med student because they thought I would get to see more. Before going into see our first patient we read through the chart to prepare but unfortunately there was almost no info on her. The Med student proceded to tell me that he didn't know what he was doing or what he was going to say (because he didn't want to do OB and was only here for a week) and if I could talk to the patient to get a feel of what was going on. He was SCARED to go in the room! Are you kidding me?! A third or fourth year med student was telling a second semester nursing student to do his job...so glad he's going to be a Dr.! I told him he'd be fine and to just go in there!



Around June of this year Brant and I were at Chick-Fil-A in Tucson and noticed a fundraiser going on. It was for a little girl named Peyton who was battling a horrible brain stem tumor(Glioblastoma to be correct). We only had $5 to give but wanted to help in any way we could. There was a flyer being passed around with her info and father's blog website and since then we have been following her story. Her father had the courage to write at least once a week no matter what was happening. She was going to UMC almost everyday for Chemo and medical treatments that were not even approved yet. The drugs were making her sicker than the actual tumor but her parents did not want to give up without trying every last option. A couple of months ago they finally decided to stop treatment and have a Hospice (end-of-life care) nurse come to the house to make sure she was comfortable and to check her vital signs. As of Tuesdays blog her parents knew it would happen soon. They finally took the opportunity this past week to explain to her little brother, who is four, what death is and what would be happening to Peyton as her journey ended. At 0710 this morning little Peyton Elizabeth passed away. Thankfully she is no longer in pain and she is in the best hands possible...

I never thought I could become so attached to a story...to a family...that I didn't even know. I am sorry if this saddens some, but I am telling her story to spread the word on cancer and what it is doing to these little ones and their families.

Many think I am crazy for wanting to be a NICU nurse and dealing with the death of babies and children but this is exactly why. The nurses that helped Peyton's parents through this, especially the Hospice nurses, will never be forgoten and they were able to make a difference in their lives as well as Peyton's. Although there will be sad times I know there will be many rewards as well!

If Peyton's story intrests you more, you can visit her blog at:

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday:-)!



Jesus is the truth...

I was driving Saturday morning on Campbell to pick up Brant for breakfast and there was something that really caught my eye. On the corner of Grant and Campbell there was a guy hold a sign that said "Jesus is the truth". For some reason it really meant a lot to me. With all the political and anti-war protests people are always having on the side of the road it was really nice to see someone holding a sign that is positive! He wasn't homeless or from the looks of it crazy, LOL, and he had a huge smile on his face while waving at the on coming traffic. It was just a simple message that went back to the basics of everything we believe in.

It's all coming back to me now...

We ran the Jim Click Run & Roll 8k (5mi) today! Jenny and Kevin did awesome on their time and I...well I didn't walk, LOL! That was my goal and I did it:-)! I finally feel like this running thing is coming back to me...like I might actually be a runner (not a fast runner but a runner)! I was able to keep my heart rate steady and my mind positive even when I felt like I had gone 3 miles but was really only at 1 1/2 HAHA! I was beginning to think that I was going to have to run walk the half marathon but I know think I can actaully run the whole thing! Having people all around you really helps...so does the free food calling your name at the end:-)



This is one of our creepy Sim mans and the other isn't us but exactly what we looked like during our codes today!
So today we did our mock codes in the SILC lab! We had to cover death and dying of the DNR/DNI patient first...that wasn't so cool. We talked about it for 3 hours then watched Sim lady die for 8 mins!!! We were able to get to the good stuff after, though, so it was worth it! We learned how to run Code Blues as if we were in the hospital and are patient coded. To put it simple....it was pure caious HAHA! We each had a job (patient's nurse, charge nurse, code cart nurse, anethesiologist, Dr., person doing chest compressions) but considering we had never done it before everyone was running around with their heads cut off! The "crazy" family members were the best, though. They'd come in and see what we were doing and start freaking out! Derrick actaully tried to pick Lesley up at one point after she pushed everyone off her "grandma" who was dying! We didn't think about taping it at the time so we wanna ask if we can do it again to tape it...it would be HILARIOUS! Especially watching people doing chest compressions up on the bed over the patient for 10 mins, LOL!


We ran 6 miles tonight! Surprisingly I wasn't too far behind Jenny and finished in 1hr 6mins. I was able to run most of it but had to walk here and there. At least things are finally looking up with this running thing. I felt fine when I got home but then started to get really sick...I had to waste more than half of my Panda Express which is a shame. My knees and hips are refusing to speak with me at the moment and I don't think my calves are too happy either but they'll get over it. I have to write a quick care plan, ice my knees (I think they deserve it) and then I'm off to bed...clinicals at 0715!



So I went with the IV team today...not actually a team but one lady, LOL! She is a nurse but that is all she does all day is put IVs in for nurses who can't get them on their first couple of tries. She also does PICC and Midlines which are just deeper and more difficult IVs. They are also done with sterile technique which regular peripheral IVs are not. We only had five today but I got to do three of them!!! My first two I was right on the vein but she had to help me get in because I wasn't going deep enough and on the third one I got the back flash of blood that tells you you are in the vein! Although I didn't get all three I feel like I have the process down now...which is half the battle. Again you have to find your third hand and figure out how to connect and tape everything without losing the site. They were all "hard sticks" so I was excited just to have a shot at it and now feel like I could do them by my self on regular patients. WOW...it is so amazing to actually start feeling like a nurse:-)!



**No this pic isn't me but this is how cool I look HAHA! So today I finally got into see the Cardiologist. I felt a little out of place there considering I was the only one there under 50! I had another EKG, an ECHO (which actually hurt because I don't like things pushing down hard on my chest), and a treadmill test. I had to do the treadmill twice because the Dr. wanted to see what my heart was doing when my HR was at 190. Oh and I found out that 190 is actually fine...my max HR is 199. He said he is more concerned about how I am feeling when it is at 190 than the actual number. After about 20mins of looking through my results he of course said he doesn't really see anything wrong except for something possibly to do with my conduction/electrical system. When my heart is pumping normally the signal is coming from the top of the heart where it should be but when I get up to 190 it starts down from a lower point making the conduction loop shorter. He said this causes a quicker heartbeat and is most likely what is causing my palpitations and discomfort while running. They also have me wearing a Holter moniter for the next 24hrs. I have 7 electrodes hooked all to my chest and this big black box on my hip...I look like I'm wearing a big 80's cell phone, LOL! I don't really notice it except for trying to sleep...I have to sleep on my back which is uncomfortable:-(. I take the monitor back tomorrow and then go back in two weeks to go over everything. He is having a rythm specialist go over my treadmill results to see if the conduction thing is really a problem. So I guess the good news is nothing serious is wrong...bad news they don't know why I'm having problems, LOL!
Our first Med-Surg test was this morning. I was surprised to see what was on the study guide actually on the test, LOL! They love to give us study guides in nursing and then make the test totally diferent. I thought it was very fare which usually isn't the case! I know what to study a little better next time and hopefully we'll have our results on Friday. After the test Jason brought little Elliot in to be fed and I got to hold him for a little bit...until he threw up all over me HAHA! I knew he was going to and he did! Luckily it came out of my shorts and I had time to change before the doctor :-)!


Very sleepy...

We just finished with our first five mile run...needless to say I am a little tired. Oh and my hips, knees, shins, ankles, and toes hurt...oh well I guess that's my entire leg. There will be some definite icing going on tonight. It wasn't too bad. The whole water bottle holder butt thingy is not fun to run with, though. It is very heavy and bouncy the faster you run. Had to put it away after the first time around the park :-(. Kristin and I saw a coyote right before we turned the last corner and had to go all the way back around...not cool! My body actually felt pretty good for most of it except for this darn heart of mine. It was pounding so badly I would have to run one whole side the take a break for 30 sec to a min, run a another side and so on. It is quite annoying. The receptionist sent the cardiologist refferal to the house last week and I am now convinced it is lost. Which is crappy because I was hoping to go this week. Oh well.
Our first day of clinicals is tomorrow at 0645 and I have to do a clinical prep tonight for my first patient of the semester! Some how I got away with only three meds...something big will probably happen tomorrow though I am sure. Can't get away that easy! Hope all is well for everyone else:-)!


Running...Breathing...and my Heart...

So we are now in like week 100 of running...ok not really more like week 4 but it sure does feel like 100. I thought after two months with my trainer and a month of running that it would be getting easier but nope...it has only gotten harder. I mean I am just jogging here not sprinting or anything of that nature. My heart pounds and I can't do a thing to catch my breath. After a wonderful experience on the treadmill last week...my heart rate reached 190 which apparently isn't cool for someone my age/weight...and I decided it was time to go to the doctor. After getting an inhaler for what we think is Exercise Induced Asthma, I also "earned my self a trip to the Cardiologist" as my Nurse Practitioner said, LOL! So I will be going there next week for an Echo (ultra sound of my heart) and possibly a Holter moniter which you wear for 24-48 hours and then take back to see if there are any major issues. I am sure absolutely nothing is wrong...there never is...it will just be nice to have someone confirm it and me not pass out from a crazy bout of tachycardia while running...which by the way is now contagious according to Kevin HAHA! I am taking my running a little slower until I find out for sure what's going on. Anyways...the last couple of times we have ran Jenny has been so nice as to stay with me/near me while we're running! It has been really helpful. Also Kristin is finally better and able to run again. She runs at about my same pace ( I am slower of course!) so it was great to have someone to run with today.

Clinicals start next week and I am actually quite excited! Our clinical teacher...who is new and a guy because there is no one to teach us...is really great. He is actually the manager of the floor we are going to be working on at the VA. I wasn't excited about the VA at first but they are actually a state of the art facility with a lot of tools that will make our job easier. Northwest is living in the 1900s compared to the VA but they are also a goverment hospital with lots of money, LOL! I am excited to practice the skills we have already learned and maybe start a few IVs :-)!! A big group of nursing kids went bowling tonight...it was a ton of fun to get out of the house besides for school or working out. These people are definitely what make the five semesters worth it!

This weekend not too much is going on. I began babysitting for a family this week...they have 4 year old who is too cute! I will be watching her all Saturday morning and then hopefully we will be getting to spend some time with Jon and Danielle! Studying for the Med-Surge exam will also be a priority...maybe ;-)!


Creepy Baby thing...

So Meg and Mark did this creepy baby thing and I thought it'd be funny too, LOL!

They look pretty much the same except Breckyn's duck suit HAHA!



Today we ran/walked 4 miles...I was lonely with a bad attitude...not the easiest way to run. I realize now how much easier running in cheer was because there were 30 other girls around you who wouldn't let you quit. Kristen didn't run with us today so I was alone. When you're trudging along on your first mile you need someone there to help you out...let you know you can do it. You should probably have enough will power to do so on your own but today I didn't :-(. I wanted to run the entire time because I am determined to run the whole 1/2 marathon and only walk as a last resort. At the end I decided to get with it and have a better attitude:-). Once we got home I remembered that this is technically only our first week of running and the fact that we are already at four miles is pretty darn good but I was being hard on my self. Unfortunately I did not hydrate nor eat properly before we went out. I was only nauseous for about two hours after running! Luckily I have a wonderful husband and friend who went out and got me dinner so I didn't have to gag the whole way to Chick-Fil-A in the car. They were either being nice or just didn't want to see that, LOL!

Well this was a pretty good first week of school and I got called off today! I was actually looking forward to only working a 6 hour sift, but oh well. This semester is going to be tiring but we've made it this far and there's no going back. We have a three day weekend and we will need the rest to be ready for this journey called Third Semester! Med-Surge should be...well it's med-surge so who knows, but I am EXCITED for Peds! They say we should be scared of the parents and of our little ones escaping their cribs to run amok in the halls but it makes me happy to think of helping such adorable little children and that of course makes me SMILE:-)!


I <3 Spandex!

Ok so I don't really love spandex but after today I like it a lot:-)! Today was day three of running and we have officially recruited more crazy people! These people would be Kevin (who at first said he was only doing the 8k on Oct. 5th but is now goin for the whole thing) and Kristen K. (from nursing)! Thank goodness for Kristen because she actually runs at my pace and I have someone to run with. Oh yeah, back to the spandex, LOL! I wore my new not so cute Under Amour (sp?) ones today and I can't believe I ever lived without them! The actual running was not made any easier by them (nope that was still sucky) but my thighs were much happier today. We are running about three miles with only a few breaks of walking...I really must get back into running straight through...where is Ms. Jones when you need her to tell you you can't stop or you'll be running extra?! I finally uploaded new songs to my iPod and made a new running list...I have had the same one for about two years and there is only so many times you can listen to "AM to PM" before you wanna shoot your self. Hopefully the good ol' "Jo Bros" as Brant would call them will keep me going for a while.

*Hopefully I will get some pics up soon of our little running "team"!


Who knew your car tire could actually fall off...or almost.

My car has been making this thunking sound on the right front side. We were pretty sure it was the tire but didn't see any obvious signs of there being something wrong. It was getting worse so I knew I had to take it in today (it's been doing this for three days). I was afraid it was going to be something actually under the car and it would cost a billion dollars (one of the cheapest cars in the world is also the most expensive to take care of mostly just because things always go wrong with it!). Went to Discount with Jenny this morning and within two seconds of looking at it...the guy's like "uh oh" which is never a great phrase in dealing with cars. He told us I was missing two lug nuts and my tire was trying to fall off...the fact that it had been getting worse meant that it was going to...sweet! Well anyways 45 mins and an amazing turkey cranberry from Paradise later it was all fixed! Two good things...it was free and we didn't kill ourselves or anyone driving with us :-)!

Before the tire incident we went to Sports Authority...not too exciting but anyways. After about two handfuls of clothes and an hour later we now have some much better running attire. A few things we learned:

1. Good running clothes are EXPENSIVE

2. Good running clothes are not always cute running clothes

3. Sports Authority has no coupons or discount program...sucky

and the best of all...

4. We are almost 22 years old and just now know what a good sports bra is supposed to feel like...our apologies to the girls ;-)!

We did it...

Jenny and I officially signed up for the 1/2 marathon...in other words they have our $75 and there's no goin back! I decided that I am also going to use this blog as my running journal...we have been reading a book where the author kept a journal the entire time she trained for a marathon and it seemed to keep her alive, LOL! Now our journey is only half of what she had to go through but I am sure it will still find some way to kick our butts! I actually purchased about 5 books a Borders today on running...the cashier either thought I was crazy or that I possibly had never even heard of this thing called running and needed five books to teach me everything there is to know but I just wanted to be prepared. Since we only began reading them tonight I cannot tell if they are actually helping or scaring us more but I'm sure we'll figure it out. We had our first training session tonight...only 35 mins of running (8 of that walking) on the treadmill...now I know that doesn't sound like much but trust me it is just enough time to let you know that cheer shorts and short spandex are DEFINITELY the wrong way to go...I know I wanted to slim down my inner thighs but I am not sure actually rubbing them off is the way to do it cause it kinda hurts. Tomorrow Jenny and I's top priority is to hit Sports Authority for some new running clothes because apparently high school cheer attire just ain't gonna cut it!


School is almost here!

Here are some more pics from Andrew and Theresa's wedding that I really love! Things have been going really well! Summer went by increadibly fast but I am anxious to start school again...Brant is actually a little excited as well due to the fact he got a really wonderful studio teacher and a new person will be teaching the hardest class of all 5 years. Which is good news because although he doesn't get many, he deserves a break every once in a while!

This past Sunday I had to work but when I got there they had me floating to the Med-Onc floor...fine I though I'd love to float somewhere new! I didn't know what in the world I was doing though and I didn't have any one to talk to. Thankfully about 20 mins in they came back and said someone on my floor didn't come in and I would have to go back...I was never so excited to get back to 2100 in my life, LOL! Although increadibly busy, I ended up having a really good rest of the day. I think I was just able to really appreciate what I have there. I was even able to put in two Foley's in one day! I did both of them correctly...the second all by my self:-)! I just feel that much more confident now going into third semester! I have contacted the manager in the Women's Center and would still love to transfer but I only work Friday's now so I know I can make it...finally I will have a job that lasts more than three months HAHA!

I have been working hard with a personal trainer from SWAT fitness for the last three weeks...I have six months all together. I finally just realized I couldn't get back into shape by my self...it costs more than I would like but both Brant and I agreed it was for the best. I really haven't talked about it much with anyone except for a few close friends but I just really wanted it to be for me. The biggest news...I have officially decided to run the P.F. Chang's Half Marathon...crazy I know! Jenny is going to do it with me. I know it will be very hard and a long road getting there but it is one of the things on my Bucket List and this is the best year to do it...plus my trainer is going to help me getting ready for it. It is Sunday Januray 18th and it will be here before I know it! Now I just have to officially sign up for it...that I think will be the biggest challenge...once I've put in my $75 there's no going back, LOL! Maybe we can find some more crazies to do it with us:-)! Meg said she'd love to but due to her leg problems Jenny and I would be pushing her in a wheelchair LOL....it could be interesting ;-)!
Oh and Meg and Mark's house is ALMOST done!! While Brant and I can't have a house built yet...I am proud to say we are having a room built HAHA! Mark and Meg have been gracious enough to let us have one room in their house to call our own...literally they call it Heather and Brant's room LOL! Anyways...I am just so excited for them and I can't wait until they have little Megan and Mark's to put in it ;-)!
OK well that's it for now...many more updates to come once school starts!


It's been a while...

So I haven't posted in quite some time but there has been a lot going on! Between Andrew and Theresa's wedding and Newport for vacation we have been running around like crazy. It is now time to calm down for a few weeks and then school starts! Most would say UGH but I can't wait! This is going to be a busy semester but I am excited for the new things to come. Between learning how to start IVs, getting to spend more time with the little ones in our Peds rotation and dance class I couldn't be happier, LOL! Plus that means there is just one less semester until we graduate!! I also cannot wait to see everyone again...it feels like an eternity since we've had the nursing group together. It has been so wonderful, though, to spend just about every weekend this summer in Phoenix! We have some really amazing friends who always make the drive well worth it:-)! It has been really neat to see Meg and Mark's house going up...and to see "our" bedroom there coming along HAHA! We always tell them we're gonna stay with them when we come home after it's done...I'm sure they're just thrilled, LOL!


Tucson Drivers...

This is the darn speed limit on the I-10 in the construction areas...I will go 60 but that is it! Sorry I do not want a ticket...grr! The crazies that are going 75 or 80 still and even doing so next to the barricades drive me nuts, LOL! Sorry for the venting, but we deal with this every weekend and I just thought I would share:-)!


~Theresa's Bachelorette Party~

Theresa's party turned out wonderfully! Becky and I (even Mary and the spa lady Kelly) were running around like crazy right before it started! Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and most of all Theresa loved it! We got facials, pedicures in a bag and our makeup done. There was pizza, brownies, pop, and cake! Between all the spa activities and games, we ate and ate :-)! Andrew's party is this Sunday and then it is on to the wedding!!!


I have some kind of sleeping issue!!!

So I think it is official that I have some kind of insomnia! It is 2:02 am and I just finished a bowl of Top Ramon and am drinking a Dr. Pepper! Ever since I began working at the hospital my sleep pattern has been seriously interrupted and I am not sure what to do :-(. Since I hurt my knee I haven't been able to get comfortable once I am in bed due to the pinching and burning feeling going on in there. Well I guess I am just being a big baby now and complaining way too darn much! On to better things...

Tomorrow *today* is Theresa's bachelorette party and I am quite excited for her! It will not involve any alcohol or naked men, LOL, but it will be so much fun. I was so glad when Becky let me help her with it. I still need to go to Costco for fruit/veggie tray, a cake, and roses but it will get done. I also need to get her present...something Theresa like...not too crazy HEHE! Before we know it their wedding day will be here. I was able to try my whole outfit...dress and shoes...together the other day and I am very excited (I know I know I need a different word but it's all I got)! I can't wait to see how everything comes together!

I was quite sad last night that I was not able to see my sister play her last softball game last night due to the pouring rain:-(. She was doing very well with it and I know it was important to her that I watch her at least once. We were able to get a movie and some candy last night, though, and I hope that made up for it! She is growing so fast and will be in high school in just one year! The other day she asked when I got my laptop and I told her right before I went to college...she said ok good that is when I will get mine! I loved hearing her say that...she is going to college and no one has to force her into it! She wants to be a nurse or a social worker, but doesn't know for sure yet. She wants to go straight to ASU or ASU west and not mess around with Community College (not that anything is wrong with that but we just know so many people who got screwed when they tried transferring to a university after their two years was up). I am also very proud of my brother who is so adorable :-) but she has her head on her shoulders a little more in consideration to life and the real world. Anyways...just thought I would share!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and is actually sleeping right now!


I LOVE these girls :-)!!!
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