I have some kind of sleeping issue!!!

So I think it is official that I have some kind of insomnia! It is 2:02 am and I just finished a bowl of Top Ramon and am drinking a Dr. Pepper! Ever since I began working at the hospital my sleep pattern has been seriously interrupted and I am not sure what to do :-(. Since I hurt my knee I haven't been able to get comfortable once I am in bed due to the pinching and burning feeling going on in there. Well I guess I am just being a big baby now and complaining way too darn much! On to better things...

Tomorrow *today* is Theresa's bachelorette party and I am quite excited for her! It will not involve any alcohol or naked men, LOL, but it will be so much fun. I was so glad when Becky let me help her with it. I still need to go to Costco for fruit/veggie tray, a cake, and roses but it will get done. I also need to get her present...something Theresa like...not too crazy HEHE! Before we know it their wedding day will be here. I was able to try my whole outfit...dress and shoes...together the other day and I am very excited (I know I know I need a different word but it's all I got)! I can't wait to see how everything comes together!

I was quite sad last night that I was not able to see my sister play her last softball game last night due to the pouring rain:-(. She was doing very well with it and I know it was important to her that I watch her at least once. We were able to get a movie and some candy last night, though, and I hope that made up for it! She is growing so fast and will be in high school in just one year! The other day she asked when I got my laptop and I told her right before I went to college...she said ok good that is when I will get mine! I loved hearing her say that...she is going to college and no one has to force her into it! She wants to be a nurse or a social worker, but doesn't know for sure yet. She wants to go straight to ASU or ASU west and not mess around with Community College (not that anything is wrong with that but we just know so many people who got screwed when they tried transferring to a university after their two years was up). I am also very proud of my brother who is so adorable :-) but she has her head on her shoulders a little more in consideration to life and the real world. Anyways...just thought I would share!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and is actually sleeping right now!


Megan and Mark said...

I know it's going so fast...we think they are going to work on the second level tomorrow! Expect another update! You and Brant are always welcome!! LOL! :) We LOVE you guys!