Work has slowly been getting better...still not my idea of fun but better. I am thinking of asking to transfer to the Women's Center and hopefully get into the nursery. We'll see how that goes! I don't mind the floor I am on and I don't mind the physical demands, but I would much rather be doing it on a unit I truly enjoyed going to...ya know? I recently hurt my knee from standing/walking so much there...actually thought it was a blood clot at first, but I don't seem to be showing any other symptoms of it except for the pinching and burning so the nurse who looked at it thinks it must be a tendon and told me to keep it wrapped. I am sure it will get better soon.
I was recently reading something from a girl who we went to school with in high school. Freshman year of college, after getting engaged, she sent me some pretty interesting messages on Myspace about Brant and I getting married so young. She was not for it at all and felt the need to tell us so even though we didn't really know her. Anyways...it just got me thinking. Before we got married I was a little worried too about how it would be with being in school and all but we knew this is what we wanted so we could handle anything that came our way. A lot of people actually told us how it WOULD be getting married young. A year later I haven't really thought about any of that stuff until now, but it is definitely not as scary as people made it out to be. Yes, we have a few more students loans than we were going to have but that is about it. I realized that we have the same bills, except for health insurance, that we would have had not married. Anyways, LOL, my point is I am so glad that we didn't let people scare us into not getting married when we did. I know it could have easily gone the other way, but I guess you could be 45 and loose your job or something and be in the same position. Of course you need to think of the things that could happen and be prepared but you can't hold back on everything in life just because it isn't the "perfect" moment. There are always "better" times for people to do things but that doesn't matter if you aren't happy. We were talking to Meg and Mark the other night and Mark made such a good point about having a plan. When you have a strong plan for your life anything is possible! I just thought I would share my new little realization, LOL! The first year is obviously tough for anyone...esp. when your hubby is also married to a little thing called Architecture HAHA, but anyone can also do it! It is a really wonderful and exciting time getting to know someone you thought you couldn't know any better because of dating so long and the you realize there is always more to learn! I cannot wait for our close friends who are getting married to enjoy all those little gifts that marriage has to offer too:-). I am just so excited for them! I think I may be rambling now, LOL, but hopefully you understand! Brant and I growing even closer this past year has made me think more and more about kids...a good and a bad thing, LOL! It will be three years of marriage before we can even try to have children and some days that just seems like way too much to me. For a while I thought I would have to wait until grad school was over and I would be about 27...but then we got married and I guess some sort of hormones kicked in HAHA! I was also pleased to hear that my grad school is 2/3 online and I will only have to go to the campus a few times a SEMESTER...very cool! So this puts my dreams of little ones just a little bit closer :-) and I guess makes them more real considering I have actual dreams of being pregnant or us with a baby all the time, LOL! Oh not good HEHE!

As for life...things are going well. I am actually very excited to start school again! I realized this summer that I really love the Nursing program even on those tough days. The knowledge I have gained in school helps me in every day life and I can't wait to put it to good use in the NICU one day.
We have been hanging out with friends more this summer...especially Meg and Mark. This makes me incredibly happy considering Jenny and I lost Meg somewhere in this past semester, LOL! It just means so much to Brant and I to have such wonderful friends:-) who are always there for us!

Well I guess I should go to bed now :-(...I have to get up for work.


P.S. I added a wedding pic that I really love and have never really put up before. I think it's the one we are going to have made into a 16x20...tell me what ya think!


Megan and Mark said...

Hey! I remember those mean myspace comments...so long ago! I know everyone had doubts at some point in time, but look at you two! Everyone says the first year is the most difficult, but I saw how wonderful you guys handled it all...even with your busy schedules!! So, congrats on your marriage!! You guys rock! LOL! Anyway, I love that picture! It would definitely make a BEAUTIFUL 16x20!! Also, I think you need to make a big canvas wrap of the picture that's the main picture on your blog...I love that one!! And I love you! Thanks for being the best best friend any girl could ever ask for! I can't think of a better matron (sorry I know you don't like that word) of honor!!