This is one of our creepy Sim mans and the other isn't us but exactly what we looked like during our codes today!
So today we did our mock codes in the SILC lab! We had to cover death and dying of the DNR/DNI patient first...that wasn't so cool. We talked about it for 3 hours then watched Sim lady die for 8 mins!!! We were able to get to the good stuff after, though, so it was worth it! We learned how to run Code Blues as if we were in the hospital and are patient coded. To put it simple....it was pure caious HAHA! We each had a job (patient's nurse, charge nurse, code cart nurse, anethesiologist, Dr., person doing chest compressions) but considering we had never done it before everyone was running around with their heads cut off! The "crazy" family members were the best, though. They'd come in and see what we were doing and start freaking out! Derrick actaully tried to pick Lesley up at one point after she pushed everyone off her "grandma" who was dying! We didn't think about taping it at the time so we wanna ask if we can do it again to tape it...it would be HILARIOUS! Especially watching people doing chest compressions up on the bed over the patient for 10 mins, LOL!