I finally finished my Clinical Integration paper! For some reason it took me forever (even though I started it two weeks ago!). But it's done now and that's all that matters. Now that med-surg clinical is over and that paper is over we pretty much decided third semester is over, LOL! No we actually still have Peds but that rotation is much easier and does not have a 20 page paper to go along with it. There is a med-surg test Monday and sadly I am looking forward to studying for it because that is much simpler than writing a paper.

This is random but I saw the strangest thing driving home from the VA the other day. There was this lady driving in front of me and all within a matter of seconds her small dog jumped out of the window of the car...while it was moving...and she reached out just be for it fell and pulled it back in! Never thought I'd ever see that, LOL! We will no longer drive with the windows all the way down when we have Izzy!

Oh and I will be 22 on Sunday! Not too exciting of a birthday but I am just one year older!