Thought this was funny

I was looking on a nursing website and came across some blogs of other nursing students/nurses. One was from a male nursing student or Murse as we love to call them :-) and he had some things on his that I thought were funny!

This is SO true!

Also on one of his posts he was refering to an article posted by a Doctor who didn't seem to think nurses were all that wonderful and didn't have enough education...this was the student's response:

"Do you think this is an ego trip? I think so. Honestly, I know a few RNs I'd let do surgery on me and I know physicians I wouldn't want taking my temperature."

HA that's great! It makes me think of the time I was doing an observation day at the UMC high risk pregnancy clinic. They had me working with a Med student because they thought I would get to see more. Before going into see our first patient we read through the chart to prepare but unfortunately there was almost no info on her. The Med student proceded to tell me that he didn't know what he was doing or what he was going to say (because he didn't want to do OB and was only here for a week) and if I could talk to the patient to get a feel of what was going on. He was SCARED to go in the room! Are you kidding me?! A third or fourth year med student was telling a second semester nursing student to do his job...so glad he's going to be a Dr.! I told him he'd be fine and to just go in there!