I <3 Spandex!

Ok so I don't really love spandex but after today I like it a lot:-)! Today was day three of running and we have officially recruited more crazy people! These people would be Kevin (who at first said he was only doing the 8k on Oct. 5th but is now goin for the whole thing) and Kristen K. (from nursing)! Thank goodness for Kristen because she actually runs at my pace and I have someone to run with. Oh yeah, back to the spandex, LOL! I wore my new not so cute Under Amour (sp?) ones today and I can't believe I ever lived without them! The actual running was not made any easier by them (nope that was still sucky) but my thighs were much happier today. We are running about three miles with only a few breaks of walking...I really must get back into running straight through...where is Ms. Jones when you need her to tell you you can't stop or you'll be running extra?! I finally uploaded new songs to my iPod and made a new running list...I have had the same one for about two years and there is only so many times you can listen to "AM to PM" before you wanna shoot your self. Hopefully the good ol' "Jo Bros" as Brant would call them will keep me going for a while.

*Hopefully I will get some pics up soon of our little running "team"!