Today we ran/walked 4 miles...I was lonely with a bad attitude...not the easiest way to run. I realize now how much easier running in cheer was because there were 30 other girls around you who wouldn't let you quit. Kristen didn't run with us today so I was alone. When you're trudging along on your first mile you need someone there to help you out...let you know you can do it. You should probably have enough will power to do so on your own but today I didn't :-(. I wanted to run the entire time because I am determined to run the whole 1/2 marathon and only walk as a last resort. At the end I decided to get with it and have a better attitude:-). Once we got home I remembered that this is technically only our first week of running and the fact that we are already at four miles is pretty darn good but I was being hard on my self. Unfortunately I did not hydrate nor eat properly before we went out. I was only nauseous for about two hours after running! Luckily I have a wonderful husband and friend who went out and got me dinner so I didn't have to gag the whole way to Chick-Fil-A in the car. They were either being nice or just didn't want to see that, LOL!

Well this was a pretty good first week of school and I got called off today! I was actually looking forward to only working a 6 hour sift, but oh well. This semester is going to be tiring but we've made it this far and there's no going back. We have a three day weekend and we will need the rest to be ready for this journey called Third Semester! Med-Surge should be...well it's med-surge so who knows, but I am EXCITED for Peds! They say we should be scared of the parents and of our little ones escaping their cribs to run amok in the halls but it makes me happy to think of helping such adorable little children and that of course makes me SMILE:-)!