So I went with the IV team today...not actually a team but one lady, LOL! She is a nurse but that is all she does all day is put IVs in for nurses who can't get them on their first couple of tries. She also does PICC and Midlines which are just deeper and more difficult IVs. They are also done with sterile technique which regular peripheral IVs are not. We only had five today but I got to do three of them!!! My first two I was right on the vein but she had to help me get in because I wasn't going deep enough and on the third one I got the back flash of blood that tells you you are in the vein! Although I didn't get all three I feel like I have the process down now...which is half the battle. Again you have to find your third hand and figure out how to connect and tape everything without losing the site. They were all "hard sticks" so I was excited just to have a shot at it and now feel like I could do them by my self on regular patients. WOW...it is so amazing to actually start feeling like a nurse:-)!


Megan and Mark said...

Heather!!! I am so excited for you and proud of you!!! Isn't it great to actually start doing what you've been going to college for all these years? LOL! You will make a wonderful nurse...but I will NEVER let you practice IVs on me!