Too Many Options!


For a while now I have had this idea of exactly what I was going to do after graduation and where I was going to go. I always thought my only real option for grad school was ASU...not my first choice by the way, LOL! And I was fine with that...I just wanted to get my DNP. Jenny showed me this website the other day, though, on grad schools all over the US. I now have about 30 choices!!! NOT that I could get into some of these but the idea of Columbia, Duke, or Vanderbilt...sounds AMAZING! Not only would we be able to explore but I could possibly get the chance to go to a wonderful school that would have never been an option for my undergrad! I was most definitely turned off by the $65,000 price tag that comes along with a school such as Columbia, but IT'S Columbia, LOL! Jenny and I were trying to also find schools that had both of our programs (she wants a dual women's health and midwifery nurse practitioner degree), which many of them do have. It would be so exciting to continue school with her...she's one of the main reasons I've made it this far:-).
I spoke to Brant about these options and of course he said that he would follow me wherever and that he actually wouldn't mind being somewhere else for a little while. But then he told me the horrible news...we wouldn't be able to have kids until after we moved back to AZ!!! Well, I don't graduate with my BSN until I'm 23 then I have to wait 1-3 years before I can even apply which makes me 26 plus 3 years of going to school....I'm now about 29!!! I DON'T think so, LOL! I'm sorry if "I want it all" but I don't think I should have to choose :-(. I don't want to say we HAVE to have kids then, but I would like the option.
Anyways...that's my dilemma. I know it would just be so much easier, not to mention cheaper, to stay here and just go on with my plan of ASU, but I don't want to regret anything. I know it seems like I am thinking about this a little early but unfortunately with a choice this big you can't just wait until it hits you in the face:-). No matter what, though, I know we'll figure it out eventually!


Megan and Mark said...

Here is my advice:

Pray about it! God already has a plan for both you and Brant. Pray that he leads you to where He wants you to go.

Here is my selfish advice:

Don't go to another state, I will miss my best friend. ASU will do. :)

I know how much you want to start a family, but I also know how much you love nursing and want to achieve your career goals. All I can say is pray!

The Pritchard Party said...

I like Megan's answer. Better advice than I would've given. Although, I can definitely relate to the wanting kids as an option when the time is right for you thing. Definitely pray!