So much has been going on the last month I have not had any time to blog! Here's what has been happening lately:

-Meg and I have been doing LOTS of photo shoots
-We have driven back and forth to Phoenix a million times
-Saw New Moon at midnight with Jess and Maria
-My baby brother turned 16 and got his drivers license
-I have applied for about 9 RN positions...waiting to hear about interviews
-We found out that we are going to have a *nephew*...so excited for Meg, Mark, & baby Mason
-We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving
-I finished my thesis!!!!
-I've been getting everything ready for graduation
-I am almost done with classes...just doing final evaluations now
-I will defend my thesis on Friday the 4th
-Brant and I decided we are going to Seattle for our graduation trip in March!
-Best of all...I graduate in 17 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mrs Salonga said...

Thank you for blogging! ;)

You have been quite a busy girl! Maybe once you graduate it'll slow down some. And how exciting that graduation is so soon!!

Echo Star said...

I am so excited for you! It will be wonderful to finally get your diploma!
On a side note, my mom wants you to take Nick's graduation photos. I will call you sometime and we can discuss. Good luck with everything!

Kamrie said...

CONGRATS ON GRADUATING!!!! P.s I love the about picture and [announcement?] of you! Very cute!