15 weeks and Life...

Well I can't believe that we are now 15 weeks! From the beginning I have said..."When I am 16 weeks that will be weird and seems so far away"...well 16 weeks is just NEXT week now! This also means 5 weeks or less until we find out the big ?...BOY or GIRL! Pregnancy really does fly by. Maybe the fact that I am at my new job and it consumes a lot of my time plus doing photo shoots almost every weekend is making time go faster. I really am trying to enjoy each and every moment of this pregnancy, though. I am in no rush for it to be over. Well enough rambling...here is baby A this week...

We've got an orange!

The belly...pretty much the same as last week.
I thought this one was really neat...you can actually see how the baby is in proportion to me...
Actual 15 week fetus... a little blurry but still cool! Almost everything is done forming in the baby...he/she is now working on growing and becoming a chunky cute baby :-).
My posts lately have been consumed by baby...understandably but I thought I would share everything else going on in our life! For me...work is...amazing. I never thought I could love a job so much...maybe because it's a career and not a job.  There are times when I am definitely sleepy and want to be in bed or don't want to get out of bed at 5:30 am but I LOVE being there. I really hope this continues. I guess the fact that the NICU has a very low turn over rate and many of the nurses are much older is good news for me. For the most part there are a lot of happy times in there...miracle babies doing things they never should have been able to do but  even in the few short weeks I've been there we've had some sad/hard times. I've actually just had to laugh lately when I've seen people complaining about homework, the president, healthcare...once you've been in the NICU and seen a family going through something they should never have to...nothing else seems like a big enough deal to complain about. Life is definitely put into perspective. Anyways...each day I am able to do more advanced procedures and take care of higher acuity babies...it's very exciting! I was even able to go to a high risk C-Section  the other day. That's where I realized I definitely DO NOT want a C-Section, LOL! If the medical need arises then of course I wouldn't think twice but they are a little rougher than I would like :-).

Other than nursing, Elyse Renee Photography has really taken off! Meg and I are very excited for this year. Through lots of prayer and really taking our time with everything, we feel we are right where we want to be. Having wonderful husbands that can handle the business and design side is also very helpful! It's definitely going to get harder to shoot has my belly gets bigger but Meg's will be getting smaller as Mr. M arrives in May so we will be able to switch off duties, LOL!

As for Brant...he is going to be a college graduate in less than two months! He has been working for hours and hours....too many to count...on his final project and I am SO incredibly proud of him. I just need to take his senior photos and work on his announcements....May 15th will be here before we know it!

Well I hope you enjoyed the update...Karla and Meg I know you were in desperate need ;-)!


Megan said...

Yay! An orange-sized baby! I can't believe how fast the weeks are flying by. I wish it felt that way for me but I feel like pregnancy has definitely sloooowed down in this last trimester.

I am so proud of Elyse Renee...we ROCK...that's the truth! I can't wait to start shooting again! I seriously miss using my creative side, editing is fun, but not as fun as shooting!

Brant is growing up! FINALLY! ;) Good job Mr.

And I am proud of you and thankful for people like you that take care of tiny little babies and give them a chance at life!

Ok, that's it.

Karla & Ryan said...

Yay! Thanks for the update! lol I love hearing about everyone's lives and what's going on and all the exciting things happening! So happy for you and all that's going on in your life! I'm in Tucson once a week now, so hopefully I'll be seeing you lot more :) And congrats to Brant and of course Elyse Renee Photography! :)