23 weeks!

OK so I am a little late :-). But I am 23 weeks and 5 days...that's almost 6 months! It is going by so fast and although I am excited to meet her, I really enjoy being pregnant and would like it to last for a while, LOL! At 9 months I might change my mind ;-). As a NICU nurse the 23-28 week period is a little scary for me because it's when we can start to save babies. I just keep praying about it though and know everything will be OK. She loves to wiggle around now. I feel her constantly kicking and punching me...it's actually pretty funny. Brant is able to feel her too which is very exciting for him. I think feeling them makes it more real for the guy. I mean they know they are in there but now he can feel her too. Luckily she is still nice about it and isn't hurting me but I'm sure she'll be kicking me in the ribs soon :-).

She's a papaya!

The belly...