Elyse Renee Photography

I don't have a lot of time to blog today...going to babysit the boys! But I wanted to write a quick note. So as many of you know Meg and I are working on starting a small photography business... Elyse Renee Photography...and we couldn't be more excited! If you didn't know already, the name stems from both our middle names...Megan Elyse and Heather Renee!It will still be a little while before everything is set and it is actually a LLC but thanks to Mark...the business guy... we'll be able to set it up to correct way! Brant was nice enough to design a logo for us too! What great husbands we have...they are willing to work for free HAHA! I could not be more excited to be doing this with my best friend :-)! She is such an amazing friend and while I know people say not to do business together...it actually couldn't be more perfect for us. The future is looking bright!


NayNay said...

I'm so happy for you ladies! That's so exciting!

The Pritchard Party said...

That is such a good idea. From what I see you two have a lot of talent!

And I think the name of the company is BEAUTIFUL. How awesome that your middle names just flow together like that. Good luck to you both!

Megan said...

I love my awesome photog friend!!!!

Mark said...

"What great husbands we have...they are willing to work for free"

FREE????? who said anything about FREE??? :P