Hailey Visits Tucson!

Last week my little sister was able to finally come stay with us in Tucson! We really wanted her to be able to spend a while here but she also went to Michigan so a week would have to do! I took her to the College of Nursing and she got her very own CON sweatshirt...I'm not pushing her to be a nurse or anything ;-). On Wednesday she helped me babysit and was able to meet my little Jack Jack, Donovan, and Andrew! Jack just loved her...mainly because she was willing to carry him around all day! Thursday we got her hair cut (it was ridiculously long and it was time, LOL), took her out to dinner and to .50 cent bowling! We think she had a pretty good time and we were said to see her go. Since going off to college and getting married, I have missed out on a lot in their lives and it is so nice to be able to spend some quality time with my siblings...well one of them anyway! My brother is 15...5" taller than me...and way too cool to be seen any where other than the skate park, LOL!
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