25 weeks!

I can't believe there are only about 14 weeks left...it's crazy! I am definitely beginning to feel the desperate need to nest...and I can't, LOL! We are pretty sure we have found the condo we'd like to move to so I can't wait to move at the end of July and get everything ready for her. We spent all day Thursday looking at many places and then furniture for the new place. We found the living room set we love and dinning table so again we just have to wait to move to get it! Exciting news, though, we did get to order her crib set and bedding! We actually had a really hard time deciding on exactly what we wanted because we want everything to be clean and simple but in the "baby" world there's not much of that, LOL! We are pretty sure the main colors will be cream, espresso, and light green/sage with accents of light pink and yellow. 

Brooke is doing good...she wiggles around all of the time especially all night when I'm at work and when I lie down to go to sleep. Some how she has figured out how to get a little foot or hand all the way in the corners of her home by my hip bones! It's cute most of the time, LOL! After a while I have to gently push on her to stop because it feels so funny. Brant started reading to her last night...Good Night Moon and Love You Forever...she actually started moving around to his voice! It was so neat to be able to have him interact with her. They say if you read the same book to them or play the same music it may be calming to them after they are born...we'll see!

She's an eggplant!
The belly...
We have our next midwife appt on Monday and I should be taking my glucose test soon as well as getting my first Rhogam shot for being Rh- (certain blood type). Before we know it, we'll be going to appointments twice a month! Our Bradley class starts next week and we are very excited to start learning all the techniques to get us through a natural delivery plus it's two hours every week for 12 weeks that Brant and I will have together!


Kamrie said...

She's getting so big!! I absolutely love the furniture you picked out for her!