Horrible Blogger :-(

SO I have been a horrible blogger since 25 weeks, LOL! I am going to try and make up for it all in one post...this could be long!

26 weeks

27 weeks
28 weeks
29 weeks
30 weeks
31 weeks
32 weeks...went into pre-term labor and spent a week on hospital bed rest :-(...I am on maternity leave from this point on.
We also moved into our new place this week...thank you SO much to all of our wonderful friends and family that helped while I was in the hospital!
33 weeks

34 weeks
35 weeks
We are getting so close to meeting our little girl and couldn't be more excited!


NayNay said...

I love all your pictures. You look just like the diagram pictures shape wise! I'm so excited for you. Not too much longer till you meet your sweet girl!!