36 weeks...so close!

We are now 36 weeks...this pregnancy has flown by! I thought with bed rest everything would slow down but it seems to be going even faster! We are just a few days away from being able to deliver at the birth center...you must be exactly 37 weeks to do so...we keep telling her to hang on but not for too long :-). I would like plenty of time with her with what's left of my maternity leave so 38/39 weeks would be OK! We'll see, though, they come when they are ready. This week brings an even bigger belly :-), a very very sore lower back (probably from all the lying around HAHA), a little baby head pushing in places it really shouldn't, and a very anxious mommy and daddy who can't wait to meet their little girl! At our midwife appt today she listened to Brooke's heart, bowels, and umbilical cord with the doppler...she said everything sounds great! My belly measured 35 cm and I was able to gain the 1 lb they wanted me too, LOL!
We have the 3D/4D pics of her sweet little face but I still have a hard time actually picturing what she will look like and what it will be like to actually hold her. We have finished getting all the little things we need to bring her home...surprisingly babies don't really need that much, LOL, and I think most of it ends up being for mommy and daddy ;-)! So many wonderful friends have let us borrow what we need though and it has helped more than they will ever know! Our good friend's Dave & Beth bought us her bouncer and Beth is now painting canvases to go above her crib...Beth is an amazing artist/designer and we can't wait to see how they turn out! Next weekend we are finally going to be able to go to Phoenix to see family and friends who we have missed SO much...while we are LOVING our new place it will be nice to get out for a while! I'll leave you with my usual pictures...

You can barely see it on the front belly shot but a bug bit my belly this week...how rude, LOL!


Theler said...

I can't wait to see your cute little girl! Good luck with everything!

Mrs Salonga said...

Mean bug!