17 weeks!

I know I say this EVERY week but I can't believe we're at 17 weeks. I still don't really feel pregnant and I'm not big enough for others to know I'm pregnant so it's still weird, LOL! We had our third midwife appt yesterday and it went great. It wasn't long but we were able to ask some questions and hear the heartbeat...a strong 156 bpm :-). We were also able to make our anatomical/gender ultrasound appt for April 23rd!!! I can't believe in 2 1/2 weeks we'll know for sure (fingers crossed baby participates) what we are having!
Pregnancy wise I have been feeling great but unfortunately on Sunday I started to get sick. I haven't been sick in forever and you can't really take anything for it while pregnant. I left work early Sunday (the NICU is not a good place to be sick) and then went back on Monday. I felt pretty good but by the time I got home I was achy, my throat was sore, and my lymph nodes felt huge. I thought it would have gotten better by now but pregnancy lowers your immune system and is not very helpful in recovering quickly. When I went to the midwife yesterday I wasn't feeling too bad so I didn't really think about it. I started coughing like crazy, though, and decided before I got really sick that I should go to the doctor. The NP said I have the start of Bronchitis and prescribed me amoxicillin and cough medicine. I'm really glad I went now...it could have turned into something much worse. Hopefully the amoxicillin will clear it up. I would just LOVE to stop coughing because it has made all of the muscles in my belly so sore. I am sure the baby is not too found of being bounced around every few minutes either, LOL!
My belly...which seems to be sticking out quite a bit further...pasta and salad or baby?? LOL!

Image from Babycenter....I think it looks like a little Buddha baby...just skinny :-).

I do NOT like onions but that's OK.

In other news...I think we found our bedding! We have been looking for a while and weren't sure if we'd do neutral or boy/girl. We are both pretty picky...well mostly Brant, LOL! Our biggest problem has been that we don't really like anything "baby". We had found something alsmot exactly the same at Pottery Barn but they stopped making it. We really wanted the bedding to be simple so that we could decorate around it and do more accents. We love the rug too but aren't sure what color yet. We won't be doing the valance or diaper stacker, though. It's not for everyone but we really like it. Hopefully we can order it soon!


Echo Star said...

I really like the bedding! Cute stuff! I agree it is good to go neutral and decorate around, you can do so much more depending on the childs gender and it will last between kids. Next time you are in Phoenix you should let me know so we can do something! I feel like we should grab lunch, get that belly bigger! =) Miss ya!