Half-way there...20 weeks!!!

WOW we are finally at 20 weeks and it feels amazing! After the ultrasounds and finally feeling her move...I know she's really in there. Speaking of moving around, she moves all day now. They are still soft movements but I can feel her fluttering around in there. The other night it felt like she was doing flips, LOL! At one point I was able to put my hand on my belly and actually feel her which means it won't be long before Brant will be able to feel her and he is very anxious! I hope Brooke is as much fun as Mason has been and everyone can enjoy her little (or soon BIG) movements!

In other news...I start working nights on Sunday...eek! I am excited but also a little nervous to see how my body responds to it. I am typically a night person so I am sure before long it will be no problem at all. Brant GRADUATES in 16 days and is still working his butt off to finish his capstone project. I am so proud of him! After 5 years of...well I wouldn't say fun ;-)...he will be DONE!

Congrats sweetheart...you will be an amazing architect!
Here's Brooke...


Kamrie said...

o my you have a bump!!!!

This is still so unreal to me hahaha... hopefully I can see you soon an feel your belly! ;) Maybe if Danielle and Jon have a housewarming party!

I hope you and Brant are doing well, tell him congratulations on graduating! That's so exciting :)

The Pritchard Party said...

it's so cool how they already have their little personalities. Brooke has soft movements. Hannah was a squirmy worm and still is :)

Congratulations! I love her name