18 weeks!

Things have been going pretty well! I have recently started having Braxton Hicks contractions (painless contractions that should not progress to labor). The don't hurt but are just annoying, LOL! I just make sure I am drinking plenty of water and rest when I can so they don't turn into anything more. In more exciting news...we find out in 7 days what we are having!!! It will also be our first ultrasound where we can actually see what the baby looks like and make sure he/she is healthy! I was dying to have a gender cake party (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vU7WBDFsCo) with family and friends but unfortunately Brant just can't make it back to Phoenix soon enough to do it. We'd have to wait about two weeks to go home after the US so we still need to find some other cute way to tell everyone!

The belly...

The baby...a sweet potato!


Mrs Salonga said...

Thank goodness you put what food that was! It looked like chicken or like a cow tongue. LOL!

Theler said...

18 weeks already! You are SO skinny! Lucky girl!:)