37 weeks!

We made it to 37 weeks and couldn't be more EXCITED! Not only does that mean she is full-term now but that I can deliver at the Birth Center! We feel very blessed. On Friday (8/27) we went to our 37 week midwife appt and found out that I am now 3-4cm dilated, still 80% effaced, and her head is right there! It's weird to me that my body just keeps dilating without me knowing, LOL! Some people are screaming in pain at 3 cm! Now we just have to wait for actual labor to begin...I'm sure with consistent contractions the intensity of labor will kick in but that's what we have everything we learned in Bradley classes for :-). Brooke's heartbeat was in the 140s, my belly measured 36 cm, and I have officially gained 12 lbs (they were very happy about that!).
We were really excited to head to Phoenix after my appt but she said my water could break at any time and that we would need to come right in to have her hear rate checked and what not if this were to happen. We decided it would be safer to not go until after she is born...I was really bummed but I definitely didn't want something to happen to her just because we were 2 hours away or need to deliver at a hospital in Phoenix. Luckily my grandma was sweet enough to come and stay with us from Friday until Wednesday...it was so nice to have her! We were able to do lots of walking while she was here and get a pedicure...it felt wonderful!


Kamrie said...

YAY!! You're getting closer and closer! =D