38 weeks!

I can't believe her due date is now just two weeks away! At this weeks midwife appt I didn't have them check me...it was a little too much to handle last time and I felt like I had to recover just from being checked, LOL! But again Brooke's heartbeat was perfect, my belly measure right on at 38 cm, and I have now gained 14 lbs! I am still feeling pretty good...although her little head couldn't be pushing down any harder :-). I think she is getting restless as she never stops squirming now. I am surprised I do not have large bruises on my belly from where she keeps sticking her feet out, LOL! Brant and I have been trying to grab them every time she does it :-). My contractions are starting to get much stronger but are still not consistent.
This week we have finished getting some more things for her room and we even went to Reid Park one night for a very long walk! I decided this week that since my "belly" will not be at the baby shower that I really wanted to make a belly cast as a decoration. We thought if it turned out we might hang it in her room as well. Instead of buying an expensive kit we just went to Michaels and got everything our selves...luckily my husband is very crafty!

The new blog background is called "Brooke"...perfect!

I can just imagine her sucking on her little hand like that :-).