7 days left...39 weeks!

**39 week midwife appt update** We had our 39 week appt today! I gained another pound...now up 15 lbs woo hoo! And she definitely dropped as my belly only measured 37 cm! Brooke tried to give us a little scare by having a low resting HR (which she had while I was in the hospital too) so our midwife put me on the monitor for a little while just to make sure. It was so reassuring to have her do this...I think had I been at a Dr. office they would have listened with the doppler for 2 sec and not even noticed. As soon as she put me on though Brooke decided to wake up and kick the monitor (she never has liked it, LOL) and did great through two strong contractions. We go again on Tuesday for our 40 week appt! It's at this one we'll start talking about natural ways to induce labor...I definitely do not want to go all the way to 41 weeks and need Pitocin...it's the devil, LOL!

That's right...just SEVEN days left until her due date! We've been working on lots of little craft projects to keep busy and are actually patiently waiting. I am pretty content with staying pregnant. Of course my back hurts but I love feeling this little girl squirm around inside me and know I only have a little while left to have her all to my self. We've been going on nice walks at Reid Park but no other crazy attempts to evict this little one. Many other mamas on my birth board are trying the entire gamut of "labor inducing" tricks but for the most part I feel too lazy or too scared to try them, LOL!

I actually woke up today and thought my water was leaking. We went in to the birth center to get checked and did an NST (where they hook me up to the monitor to watch Brooke's heart rate and my contractions). It wasn't amniotic fluid and Brooke looked great so we came back home. It was nice to see she was handling the contractions well that I was having...very reassuring :-). It was also wonderful not to have to go through the whole hospital experience over again to find out it's nothing...you just call the birth center, go in, and they have you sit in a comfy recliner in a cozy little room where they monitor you. We have been getting calls daily (sometimes more than once, LOL) from family to see how we are doing. We know they love us and can't wait for her arrival but I am starting think they think we won't tell them when she's coming HAHA! We'll just call a few days later and say "Guess what?!". But even if it's not in the next 24 hours...she is on her way...no doubt about that!

The belly...

Belly shadow :-)

It's getting pretty snug in there!

Sometimes it feels like a have a little watermelon in there...one with legs that likes to poke me, LOL!

Brant working on the belly cast.

Other craft projects from this week! I had a shadow box frame that came a in a kit from a long time ago. The paper that came with it was kind of ugly and I just never did anything with it. We have some adorable scrapbook paper and decided to decorate it on our own...love how it came out. The onsies were just a plain white set of newborn ones that I know she won't be able to wear for long. I just ironed these on...one even has cupcakes on the butt :-).

I already have my Moby wrap but I got email with a code to get this sling for FREE! It came with a matching bracelet and adorable little Babylegs! It'll be nice to have just as another option.


Kamrie said...

You look so cute in the first set of pictures! Your belly has changed so much in one mass few weeks! <3

Theler said...

You look so good... I hope when I get pregnant I can look as good as you! I have been thinking about you and hope everything goes they way you want! I am sure it will be amazing! I love how the belly cast turned out! Beautiful!

Mrs Salonga said...

I got the email with the code to get it free too! WooHoo! Did you notice the quote says it's making moms hotter when they wear it, or something to that effect. Hahah! I don't think I'll look like her but I'll give it a try. Lol.